Rosario Dawson Has Great Advice For Ambitious Young People

“At that age, actually, youth gives us a level of confidence — it’s naivety. But, our brains don’t change until we’re 25, so we’re risk-takers. It’s sort of built into our chemistry to take risks. I would say to young people just to take those risks, but try to be a little calculated about them, and at the very least, try to have some mentors, people that you can bounce some ideas off of and talk to…When we’re young we think, ‘I just want to be a star, I want to be this.’ We have this thing that we want in the future that we’re really compromising ourselves for in the interim, or really trying to please every body and then we get there… You’ve got to be very thoughtful about how you get to where you want to go. You can get there, but it might feel really empty if the journey you took to get there was not the one that spoke to your heart and mind.

Confidence is also a really big deal, but it’s hard. Sometimes we have that fake confidence and we brave it, but I think what’s really important is to have those people to bounce ideas off. You might totally disagree with everyone in your community, but it’s really good to have that back-and-forth. You don’t want to hear it when you’re reading an article later or scrolling through the comments and hating yourself. That’s how you really have that confidence, when you’ve really looked at it through every facet and thought, ‘I’m still doing that, it’s still what I want to do.'”

Backstage at SXSW, Rosario Dawson told Refinery 29 some of her best advice for those of us who are fairly new to the world. Having been a determined child actress herself years ago, the 35-year-old knows a thing or two about achieving goals without selling out what your heart needs. This quote is going straight to my motivational Pinterest board (but forget I told you I have one of those, because that’s mildly humiliating). In another life, can I be her BFF? [Refinery 29] [Image via Getty]