Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Pregnant Women In UPS Case

Best Lady News:

The Supreme Court issued a ruling today in favor of Peggy Young and pregnant Americans in general. Young sued her employer, UPS, for putting her on unpaid leave instead of providing accommodations similar to those extended to workers on temporary disability. The ruling, in effect, states that employers cannot discriminate based on pregnancy in order to cut costs. [The New Republic]

Worst Lady News:

China is rebuffing pleas from international organizations such as the European Union, the United Nations, Human Rights Watch and Human Rights in China to release the five feminist activists who were arrested by Chinese police for handing out stickers advocating for women’s rights ahead of International Women’s Day. The UK Foreign Office has expressed concerns that the women haven’t received due process, and that at least one of the women isn’t receiving medical care even though she was in the hospital with Hepatitis B for a month preceding her arrest. Sophie Richardson from Human Rights Watch says: “It shows how allergic the government is to any kind of activity, outreach or encouragement of advocacy by any independent voices.” [The Guardian]

Weirdest Lady News:

The Nouveau Classical Project will be presenting a performance called Sororatorio: A Cuntata, “a concert that is part fashion show, part performance art, part homage to a viral email.” The NCP, headed by artistic director Sugar Vendil, is using a composition by Vincent Calianno based on the viral Delta Gamma sorority e-mail (written by Rebecca Martinson) that included such colorful phrasing as “I will fucking cunt punt the next person I hear about doing something like that” (referring to cheering for the team opposing the University of Maryland at sporting events). The performance will take place April 9 and 10 at New York’s Flamboyán Theatre. [VICE]

Coolest Lady News:

Gloria Steinem told Black Enterprise that she thinks that Black women “invented the feminist movement”: “I know we all have different experiences, but I learned feminism disproportionately from Black women. Flo Kennedy was my speaking partner, Dorothy Pitman Hughes […] I know that, things being what they are, the White, middle class part of the movement got reported on more, but if you look at the numbers and the very first poll of women thinking on women’s issues, African Americans were twice as likely to support feminism and feminist issues as White women.” [Black Enterprise]

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