Michelle Obama Appears On “Jeopardy!” & Causes Massive Panic With Her “New” Hair

  • Last night, First Lady Michelle Obama appeared briefly on “Jeopardy!” and her appearance (above) sent Twitter into a frenzy, with many wondering just what in the heck was happening to her hair — or lack thereof? Now, uh, her hair certainly does look … sort of … short to the point of buzzed? But I think it is far more likely that her hair was very slicked back into a ponytail and the lighting guy either messed up or is really not a fan of the President. [NY Daily News]
  • Terrible but fitting: Justin Bieber is apparently the newest member of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Pussy Posse. I could vom. [Dlisted]
  • Vin Diesel is pretty convinced “Furious 7″ (wait, are they not FAST anymore??) should win the next Best Picture Oscar. [Variety]
  • Meanwhile, his costar Michelle Rodriguez says she went “pretty crazy” after Paul Walker’s death, blaming her drunken antics over the last year on her grief. [EW]
  • Robert Pattinson, Idris Elba and Benicio Del Toro have signed on for the next Harmony Korine movie, and while I tend to be sort of up and down about the director’s films, I loved his last one, “Spring Breakers,” so much that I kinda can’t wait to see if he keeps bringing the awesomesauce. (Side note: Please never let me get away with writing “awesomesauce” again.) [Gossip Cop]
  • Britney Spears and her on-the-brink of tweendom sons (with Kevin Federline) are on the cover of People and now I feel old as fuck. [People]
  • The Kardashians have apparently tried to stage multiple interventions for younger brother Rob, to no avail. [People]
  • Here is the cover for Harper Lee’s next novel, Go Set A Watchman. [Buzzfeed]