Hero Elephants Save Idiot Human Overlords

Less than a month after Ringling Brothers begrudgingly agreed to phase out enslaving and abusing elephants and making them dance for no personal elephantine gain by 2018, two hero circus elephants saved an 18-wheeler truck from overturning on a highway in Louisiana.

According to the Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana Sheriff’s department, an 18-wheeler truck traveling from Florida to a circus in Dallas with three elephants inside had attempted to pull over on the soft shoulder near the Powhatan exit on I-49, but the ground at the exit was even softer than normal due to recent rains. The 18-wheeler somehow became stuck, and when deputies arrived on scene, two of the three elephants were using their weight to hold the big rig up and keep it from overturning completely.

Elephants, man. We enslave them for years, give them their freedom in the slowest rollout possible, and they still save our dumb asses from major vehicular pileups.

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