Deadline’s TV Editor Is Very Concerned Hollywood Is Casting Too Many Goddamn Ethnics

One of the small joys of my career shift from working in the entertainment industry to reporting on the entertainment industry is how often I get to point out the absolute fucking lunacy that is the Deadline Hollywood blog. Ever since Robert Durst-wannabe Jay Penske, the playboy heir who owns Deadline, and his band of bumbling idiots ousted Deadline founder Nikki Finke, the blog has transformed from a must-read entertainment blog to a sad sack of posts that all seem to be trolling themselves. But while editor-in-chief Mike Fleming’s crocodile tears over male objectification in “Magic Mike” was Deadline’s old low, TV editor Nellie Andreeva has drastically lowered the bar with her latest screed: “Pilots 2015: The Year of Ethnic Castings — About Time or Too Much Of Good Thing?”

Andreeva, taking a page from Ben Smith of Buzzfeed’s playbook of suggestive hit pieces without outright maligning (also known in more sophisticated circles as “trolling”), plays one thousand of the world’s tiniest violins for all the white people that aren’t getting cast in TV shows because roles are being held exclusively for those damn ethnics who have taken over your screen all season, in shows like “Empire,” “Fresh Off the Boat” and “Black-ish.”

Andreeva quickly muses that despite ratings success of this season’s new, more diverse shows, “the pendulum might have swung a bit too far in the opposite direction.” She brings us this sad tale from the trenches of white Hollywood:

In one instance, after a number of actors of different ethnicities tested for two roles in a pilot this year, two Caucasian actors ended up being the top choices for the two remaining regular parts. However, because of a mandate from the studio and network, one of the roles had to diverse, so the pilot could only cast one of the top choices and pass on the other to fulfill the ethnic quota. ‘They need to say the best man or woman wins,’ one rep suggested.

She goes on to lament just how many roles this pilot season were originally written for white actors, and then were willfully changed to give those damn ethnics roles — even if they weren’t the best ones for the job, according to anonymous agents not getting paid who represent the white actors who aren’t getting jobs, but are totally unbiased sources all the same. Andreeva points out that “replacing one set of rigid rules with another by imposing a quota of ethnic talent on each show might not be the answer” because, well, “Friends” and “Seinfeld” were all-white and “Cosby” was all black and they all were smash successes, so why mess with what works you know??? She even goes on to warn that diversity ISN’T trendy (pencil skirts are) and that diversity for the sake of won’t bring success. Cool.

Naturally everyone whose opinions matter (which is essentially everyone except the Deadline staff) thought all of this was a load of hot garbage. We have sufficiently gotten our knickers in a twist on your behalf, so please, save yourself the time, and instead revel in these idiotic tweets Deadline is sending out that make them look like even bigger racists. America!