This Realistic Foreskin Sculpture Is The Perfect Gift

A group of artists and anti-circumcision activists in Italy have taken to Kickstarter to promote their awareness campaign to end circumcision forever. Vincenzo Aiello is the Italian artist behind this awareness movement, and he’s the president of Foregen, a non-profit “founded to research and implement regenerative medical therapies for circumcised males.” I was unaware that there were legions of men out there, salty about the fact that they were circumcised when they were babies and desperate to get their ween back to standard issue, but this world is a crazy place.

Because Aiello is so deeply passionate about this issue, he’s crafted what I imagine is the world’s only hyper-realistic sculpture of a male foreskin, HUFO. And, for the lucky person who decides to throw $1,000 towards this thing, you’ll actually get your very own. According to the site, it’s about the height of an iPhone 5, and it comes in your choice of frames. Buy one for your enemies, friends, cousins, or lovers today! [Cosmopolitan]