Please Let Kylie Jenner’s Rap Single Be A Real Thing

Kylie Jenner’s life may be enviable, what with the $2 million net worth and all that, but her more recent life choices mostly just make me cringe-y. Leaving school just months before she’d have finished anyway to spend her time being “in love” with a grown man who is inappropriately into her teenage self? I’d say no thanks, but then again, if I were a millionaire, I’d probably do whatever the fuck I wanted too (re: quitting school), because why not? Finally, though, Kylie is doing something with her time I can actually get excited about — she’s reportedly releasing a rap single, which is ridiculous and glorious. At last, a reminder as to why she was my favorite Kardashian back when she was a kid (well, she’s still a kid, but at one time she actually lived like a real one).

Rap Dose tweeted that she recorded a single called “Forever Real” with Iggy Azalea and Tyga. This is totally unconfirmed, and very likely a dud rumor, but that just makes me want it to be true that much more. The tweet is appropriately hashtagged #WeCantMakeThisShitUp, but I mean, can’t they? They could most certainly make this shit up. Still, my ever-optimistic little heart dreams it will come true, because it has been an icky week so far and WE ALL NEED SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN, OKAY?

Do I think it will be good? Probably not. Do I think it will be prime entertainment? Abso-fucking-lutely. And it would be a way less basic choice than attempting to auto-tune her way through a bubblegum pop song like every other musically uninclined socialite/heiress/famous teenager in her peer group does. Go forth, Kylie, and rap your little millionaire heart out — but just this one time. Let’s not get too carried away here, no full-length Kardashian hip-hop albums will be necessary unless they’re coming from Kanye. [Refinery29]