Kickass Woman Of The Day: Rebecca Zamolo Trains For A Half-Marathon After Losing Her Colon

When Rebecca Zamolo, a vibrant actress, YouTube star and athlete, began experiencing stomach pain after eating along with other unusual symptoms, she knew something wasn’t quite right. She got the shock of her life when she was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease — in particular, ulcerative colitis, which inflames the large intestine. Her colon was pre-cancerous, so she had it removed in 2014. She now relies on a colostomy bag outside of her body to keep her large intestine healthy, and is determined to find ways to live a happy, fulfilling life in the face of her new reality. As her body began to heal from the loss of her colon, she set an epic goal to prove to herself that she could take on anything: she began training to run a half-marathon.

Zamolo has been a runner for years, and her body’s sudden strange reactions to her regular runs was one of her first indicators that something was off-kilter with her health before she’d been diagnosed. Running without irritating the stoma in her stomach that attaches to her colostomy bag requires adjustments on her part, and she’s had to slowly work back up to the long-distance runs she used to frequently enjoy. “Inside/Out: My Battle With IBD” follows her journey to complete the half-marathon alongside several friends who committed to make the run with her. Participating in the race puts her at risk for a hernia (which would mean more surgery), but Zamolo embarks on the goal regardless, knowing that healthfully completing the run would show the many others in the world living with colostomy bags that it’s possible. On top of that, she also serves as massive motivation to anyone on this planet who’s afraid to really take a shot at their goals (or just full of excuses about skipping the gym). The 40-minute film about her journey is available to buy or rent on Vimeo!

Take a look at the film trailer and watch Rebecca explain life with a colostomy bag!


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