Disgruntled Fornicating Tortoise Confronts Cameraman In World’s Slowest Chase

A few days ago, National Geographic explorer Paul Rose in the Seychelles came upon two turtles mating. In fact, his surroundings were so quiet that the turtles were all he could hear: “there’s…no sound on this island at all, so it was the sound of them mating that alerted us to walk [toward them].” I’m not exactly sure what mating turtles sound like, but I don’t think I want to know either. The male tortoise got pissed that his action was interrupted, and proceeded to ever so slowly chase Rose down. Rose was chill about it, marveling at his “dogged tortoise determination” and neatly dodging the tortoise’s sluggish attempts at justice. This, friends, is nature at its finest. [Gizmodo]