Did You Ever Wonder What Ludacris Calls His Penis?

Christopher Bridges, aka Ludacris, recently sat down with ELLE (?!?!) in advance of the release of “Furious 7,” to talk about lots of things, from raising a 13-year-old daughter to his favorite chick flick. He loves “The Devil Wears Prada” because “it’s about focus and leadership.” (Oh. Is it?) He has a firm grasp on the concept of satire, as shown in his ability to discuss his relationship with God while acknowledging that he has made a song called “Pussy Poppin’.” He seems like a nice dude who wants to make music that you yell the lyrics in a dark bar, drink in one hand, the other in the air like you just don’t care.

OH! And also? He calls his penis “The Truth.” As in, “You can’t handle The Truth.”

I expected nothing less. Luda, I salute you forever. [ELLE]