Missing “Food Network Star”‘s Remains Were Discovered In A Wood-Burning Oven

In tragic, stomach-turning news, the remains of former “Food Network Star” contestant Christie Schoen Codd and her husband Joseph Codd were discovered in a wood-burning stove belonging to their neighbor, Robert Owens. In an even more gruesome turn of events, Christie was five months pregnant at the time of her disappearance.

Christie and Joseph were reported missing earlier in the month, after neighbors were unable to locate them near their North Carolina home. Owens, the couple’s neighbor and handyman, was arrested for the murders last week. Though cops had searched exhaustively, they were unable to find the remains of the couple, whose home had also been burgled of a laptop, a handgun, and some jewelry.

Owens has been charged with first-degree murder for both Christie and Joseph, as well as the murder of an unborn child. He told police in an interview that he had “stored and destroyed part of the remains” at a separate home that he owned, and his wife told detectives that her husband had admitted to running over and killing Joseph with a Dodge Ram that belonged to the Codds. [Eater]