Joe Millionaire Looks Like A Hot Contractor Now

Evan Marriott was on my favorite reality show of all time, “Joe Millionaire,” in which he tricked a bunch of normal women into thinking he was loaded, then revealed at the end that he wasn’t. It is a charming relic of the mid-2000s, as cringe-worthy now as bootcut jeans and those clear bra straps. After the show ended, I thought Evan Marriott would disappear from the planet, retiring quietly to a life of woodwork and cold beers after 5 p.m. I was mostly right.

It turns out he really just took some time to grow into his grizzled, aged-like-a-fine-wine looks. I mean, look at that man. He looks like he could build you a bookshelf in half a day, then bone you in the back of his truck before taking you out for burgers and whiskey shots. That beard needs some work, but he’s softened into his weird, blunt-force caveman looks, and it’s working the fuck out. Joe Millionaire can get it. Who knew? [Defamer]

[Photo via Getty]