Sex Worker Fights Against A New Northern Irish Law To Criminalize Payment For Sex

Sex worker Laura Lee is fighting to overturn a new legislation in Northern Ireland that would criminalize those who wish to buy sex. Essentially they are trying to adopt the Scandinavian model which many feminist activists claim is bad for the lives of sex workers. The law will essentially force consensual sex work further underground, hurting the worker financially as well as posing a threat to their physical well-being.

Lee claims that the issue isn’t trafficking, even though trafficking is the propaganda being used to help push the bill through. The reality she says, is that the lawmakers see sex as a moral issue, period.

Through crowd funding with world-wide activist groups for the rights of sex workers, Lee hopes to quash this legislation using the defense that it is a violation of the European human rights law. The law is supposed to go into effect June 1st, and it will be the first region of the UK to make the buying of sex illegal. [Guardian]