7 Questions With … Katrin, In Honor Of The Frisky’s 7th Birthday

It’s our birthday, bitch! This week, The Frisky turned seven years old, and I thought an appropriately navel-gazing way of acknowledging this momentous occasion would be to more formally introduce you to the seven women, including myself, who make up this new era of The Frisky. Over the course of the week — as Stassi Schroeder from “Vanderpump Rules” would say, it’s our birthday and we’ll celebrate it for as long as we want! — they’ll be answering a short little questionnaire I came up with and ordered them to take. I confessed to having the urge to steal; Rebecca shared what it’s like to work for a Pentecostal chiropractor; Robyn admitted she wants to bite a tube of lipstick; Claire promised to one day write about her love of suburbia and musical theater; Beejoli expressed her desire to do a “Grease” singalong; and Megan dropped some hints about guesting on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Last but not least, get to know our weekend blogger Katrin!

1. What’s the worst job you’ve ever had (since it’s safe to assume working at The Frisky is the best, do not deny it)?

My worst job was working at a certain fashion company that I cannot name, where I had the boss from hell. Think “The Devil Wears Prada” but with ZERO glamour, let alone trips to Paris. The grey hairs I have today all sprouted during that time in my life.

2. Who would you pop culture best friend be? EXPLAIN.

My pop culture BFF would have to be Ilana Glazer from “Broad City,” she is seriously my inner soul, her faces and her mannerisms give me life. I know Abbi would probably kill me, but I would gladly fight for her place!

3. What are the five most random things on your bucket list?

Learn Mandarin, get a Chanel suit, experience a dog pile-on (as in, be nearly crushed to death underneath a huge amount of large dogs), meet Koko the gorilla, float in the Dead Sea.

4. How much do you hate men? Explain.

ore than anything. Just kidding, I actually don’t hate any man at all except Rush Limbaugh. I do however, hate The Patriarchy, which makes many men terrible people and just the world a bad place in general. Hate the patriarchy, not the man.

5. What secret urge do you get but never act on?

I desperately want to shout “SHUT THE FUCK UP” at everyone/anyone on the subway who dares to talk before 10 a.m.

6. What would the people who know you best say are your best and worst personality traits so, ya know, Frisky readers can be prepared?

My best traits are: honesty (calling it like it is), humor, brevity, being able to see all sides of the story. My worst traits are probably controlling my rage towards sexism, cynicism and being overly analytical!

7. What is your dream blog post that you vow to actually write and publish during your time at The Frisky?

This is a tough one because I want to write all of the things. But I definitely would love to write a big piece about the rise of the female Bildungsroman and the need for more to be written and recognized. Women are so very eager to read coming of age stories that represent them.