The New York Times Is Screwing With Us, Right?

After reading this piece today, which declares, “In New York, teens and preteens are becoming savvy connoisseurs of real estate,” I am officially convinced the New York Times is trolling us. A 13-year-old convincing his parents to buy a $14 million dream apartment? Come on. The Times’ Real Estate section has always been a relatively elitist shit show, but the spates of pieces depicting totally over-the-top, vaudevillian, ultra-rich lifestyles has really started to become especially noticeable. This piece, about an NYU student who simply couldn’t take living with roommates, kindled my budding hatred. Then we got this gem, where a millennial needed a place that could adequately display his self-portraits. It’s like “Portlandia” for the Upper East Side.

Personally, I think these articles are hilarious. They read like complete satire and the hate reading becomes pleasurable. I can just cackle with disgust lying down on my 15-year-old IKEA sofa, while in Manhattan, Alexandre, age 10, chooses the amount of bedrooms his new triplex condominium will have.

What do you guys think? Is The New York Times totally self aware of this weird obsession with the gross habits of the absurdly rich? Or is this just par for the course in our new vanishing middle class/class divide? Let me know in the comments and we can crack this together.

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