The Marines Are Testing Female Soldiers For Front Lines

  • The Marines are testing out using women in ground combat. [NPR]
  • A fraternity at NC State has been suspended following the discovery of a pledge book filled with racist and misogynistic quotes. [WRAL]
  • How did Ruth Bader Ginsburg become an internet meme? [Slate]
  • Here’s Mychal Denzel Smith on why we need to keep working at redefining masculinity. [Feministing]
  • American Apparel has started Photoshopping nipples and pubic hair off of their models, because the problem all along was the existence of nipples and pubic hair, not the way that they treated their models and employees, the style of photography they chose, the age of their models and how they were represented, etc. [Death & Taxes]
  • Here’s some truly excellent insight about labor and delivery nurses. [Ravishly]

[Image via NPR]