CNN’s Parody Of “Too Many Cooks” Is The Greatest And Worst Thing I’ve Watched Today, Or Maybe Ever

CNN went totally left-field yesterday and posted an election parody of the now-viral Adult Swim classic, “Too Many Cooks.” (It’s a parody of a parody! Parody-ception!) I think some of the snarkier headlines about this video kind of sum up why the fact of CNN making a parody of “Too Many Cooks” is as disorienting as the CNN parody of “Too Many Cooks” itself:

That all being said, this parody is actually sort of genius. It strips all the spin out of campaign politics and sees it for what it really is, which is a bizarre, perverse hellscape of constant and generally self-contradictory spin, operated mainly by particularly wealthy white folks who talk in sound bytes and have no social graces, but pretend by perpetually smiling and waving. It also takes the time to remind us of all the hot topics CNN uses to scare its viewers into staying tuned, like debt, war, and global warming (is this self-satire?) and to remind us of the existence of the Demon Sheep video, which is creepy but simultaneously hilarious all on its own, much less in this particular context.

Well. Um. Enjoy? If I think about it too hard, I start to believe that this is a real, genuine work of art, in which parody and satire are applied to parody and satire to the effect that reality becomes overwhelmingly jarring and uncanny. It is an exceptional way to give yourself cognitive dissonance. I think this might be the best thing CNN will do for the next hundred years, if the human race makes it that far. And honestly, CNN, I was happier living in willful ignorance of the severe possibility that we won’t. This video hits a little too close to home, and now I’m going to have anxiety nightmares. THANKS.

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