Behold, Jennifer Lopez’s Magical Light-Up Dress Of Wonder

Last night on “American Idol,” J.Lo took the stage wearing lots of face glitter and what appeared to be a wedding dress on steroids. That would have been striking enough on its own, but then — behold! -- she became a living canvas as rainbow projections came to life on her skirt. She was performing a song from the new animated movie “Home,” which unfortunately meant that some of the projections were cartoon aliens, and that kind of takes away from the “poetic” moment she was going for, but we’ll go with it I guess. Not surprisingly, the get-up was Jennifer’s idea — at last, a dress as big as her ego! Costume designer/stylist Mariel Haenn made it happen, and managed to sneak some kickass cloud footage and glittery lights in the line-up between all that animated creature footage. I’m just glad everyone made it out alive that evening, cause that thing looks like a massive fire hazard. [Glamour]