This Kickass Girls’ Clothing Line Breaks Down Gender Stereotypes

A few years ago, Seattle mom Jennifer Muhm’s then-4-year-old daughter told her she wanted to be an astronaut for Halloween. Muhm and her daughter discovered quickly that the only astronaut costumes they could find were marketed to boys. Muhm’s discouraged daughter told her mom that only boys could go to space and that she wanted to dress up as something else. A few months later, Muhm teamed up with fellow mom Malorie Catchpole, who’d experienced similar frustrations with her own daughter. The two started their own clothing company, buddingSTEM, that sells girls’ apparel featuring “science, space, dinosaurs, and other things all kids love!” Muhm and Catchpole told the Huffington Post,

“Girls shouldn’t have to make a choice between expressing themselves as a girl, and showcasing their interests. Kids, just like adults, use their clothes to express themselves. Kids do it more literally by wearing clothes that speak to their interests. When we package those interests as being something for boys, girls get the message that those topics aren’t for them…[We are] not anti-pink, anti-princess or anti-girly. Girls shouldn’t have to make a choice between feminine and expressing their love of science, or sports, or anything really!”

Amen to that! They’ve set up a Kickstarter campaign to fund the company’s launch, and have already raised over $33,000 of their $45,000 goal. The clothes, adorned with pink and blue dinosaurs and spaceships, will be available online and will hopefully expand to stores soon. There are still a few weeks left of the fundraiser if you’d like to help make it happen!