The US Presbyterian Church Now Recognizes Gay Marriage

  • The American Presbyterian Church is now recognizing gay marriage. [BBC]
  • Chinese feminist activists who were arrested in the days leading up to International Women’s Day are still in police detention. [Feministing]
  • In a new study, only 8 percent of college presidents strongly agreed with the statement, “sexual assault is prevalent at U.S. colleges and universities.” [Cosmopolitan]
  • Here are five glaring problems with The Economist’s special report on Latinos. [Colorlines]
  • A child health expert is advocating for young boys to tell young girls what they find attractive in the name of body-positivity. Oh my god, so many problems. SO MANY. [Telegraph]
  • Here’s the lowdown on why the Harvard admissions process helps to entrench privilege, from a Harvard admissions officer. [Gawker]
  • Here’s a comic about why cis-women-only spaces are transphobic and counterproductive. [Everyday Feminism]
  • Shocker: 95% of Republican voters are white. [Vox]


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