Taylor Swift Always Singing Songs About Gay Demons, Says Weirdo

Kevin Swanson (no relation to Ron) of Generations radio– whom you may recall as the Christian Right-Wing pundit who is refusing to let his daughter join the Girl Scouts, and “begging” people to not buy Girl Scout cookies because the Thin Mints turn them into communist lesbians or something–weighed in today on his theory that Taylor Swift is like, singing songs about gay demons or something and will use her influence to turn your children into gay demon worshipers. Or something!

Specifically, Swanson called out Swift’s song, “Welcome to New York” as an example of this. Probably because that is where all the gay demons live.

Via RightWingWatch:

“That’s the way it goes as another nice little Presbyterian, Southern Baptist girl bites the dust, following the trajectory of Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, taking their 13-year-old fan club all the way,” the Religious Right broadcaster lamented on his radio program yesterday.

He added that parents should make sure that their children aren’t listening to musicians like Taylor Swift.

“They’re all riding the train and they start out with a benign Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus and before you know it they’re singing their demon songs and they’re making their attributions to their homosexual friends and that’s the way a national apostasy occurs,” Swanson warned.

OK. I am not explicitly fond of any of these people. But like, I also don’t think any of them are getting it together to recruit children for a gay demon worshiping army. I feel like I’d like them much better if they actually were singing songs about gay demons.

I could be wrong, though! Because holy crap, there are a hell of a lot of videos on YouTube that explain in far too great detail the Satanic/Illuminati conspiracy behind Taylor Swift.

For instance, this one (one of the shorter ones) shows how her video for “Style” uses illuminati symbols to, um, do something.

And this video explains all about how Taylor Swift is now a Satanic Princess Bride, because why not!