Madonna Reminisces On Her Time With Basquiat

Apparently when late artist Jean-Michel Basquiat broke up with someone, he broke up with them hard, because according to Madonna, their relationship ended with the artist taking back canvases he’d given her and painting them over with black. Even worse, when another of his ex-girlfriends tried to sell her Basquiat canvases, his sister claimed that they were fakes. Ouch.

Madonna spoke to Howard Stern about her relationship with Basquiat recently, saying that she loved him, but he wouldn’t stop doing heroin, which was ultimately the cause of his death at 27 years old. She also said that his work ethic was a huge influence for her:

“I remember getting up in the middle of the night and he wouldn’t be in bed lying next to me; he’d be standing, painting, at four in the morning, this close to the canvas, in a trance. I was blown away by that, that he worked when he felt moved.”

She also mentioned that she’s a huge fan of street art, and Banksy and JR in particular (of course), because street art is “democratic” insasmuch as it’s art that’s free to the public. That’s apropos for a woman who was in love with Basquiat, one of the men behind legendary 70s-80s New York graffiti artist SAMO.

Man, reminiscing on early Madonna makes current-day Madonna a lot more likeable, doesn’t it? I could use more of that. [ArtNet]

[Image via 2faced1]

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