Check Out The Video For Meghan Trainor’s Narcissist Anthem, “Dear Future Husband!” (Or Don’t)

Oh joy, Meghan Trainor’s narcissist-hellscape self-aggrandizement-at-the-cost-of-others’-humanity anthem, “Dear Future Husband,” now has a dystopian music video! Here’s how much I like it:


WELL. Maybe Meghan Trainor can come over in her PVC maid outfit and scrub the puke off my floors. Or maybe I can do it for myself, because I live in a reality where you do shit for yourself because you’re a grown-ass human adult, not because you have some weird, regressive, competitive, dehumanizing tit-for-tat mentality in your relationships with other people (the tit-for-tat in this hypothetical being that I watched her narcissist-hellscape video, and in return she can clean up my video-induced puke).

Good things about this video:

  1. Everyone looks great.

Bad things about this video:

  1. It’s based on a song that is from the point of view of a narrator (not Meghan Trainor the actual person, but the narrator of the song) who is fundamentally abusive, who treats her relationships as if they function for her benefit and hers alone, who uses people, and who isolates her partners from their loved ones because she deserves it!
  2. The video does nothing to discredit the inherent problems in the lyrics; it reveals that the song is not a satire, which was our best-case scenario, but is instead dead serious. In the Meghan Trainor universe, men exist to give women money, and women exist to maybe give men access to our bodies, but nothing else, which, above and beyond being regressive, denies humanity and complexity to all parties. The video puts a smiley, floor-scrubbing, ab-flashing face on that universe.
  3. All the men in this video are mannequins. Tell me exactly how it is that Meghan Trainor is being so helpful at breaking down conventional beauty standards if she’s not applying her vigor about breaking down conventional beauty standards to men? They all have chiseled jawlines and six-pack abs. Which, ultimately, just kind of supports Meghan Trainor’s narcissist persona as demonstrated in this very song: She should have everything she wants and needs — including body acceptance — but the same consideration does not apply to men.
  4. There are points in this video where the boyfriend character looks visibly emotionally hurt and it’s supposed to be funny. Again: Abusive.

Feminists say that we care about men’s issues too, right? We say that we care when men are abused, that we care about body standards for men, that we want truly equitable relationships with men, that the most important thing in the world is respecting everyone’s humanity, right? Right? Great, so let’s stop funneling any amount of money to Meghan Trainor.

[h/t Cosmopolitan]


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