Cheapskate Style: Fashion Tape And Instant Hem Tape Are The Exact Same Thing

I am a notoriously cheap person. To the point where it is actually somewhat embarrassing, and I am actually really working on getting my face to not do that thing it does when a glass of wine with barely anything in it costs more than a giant bottle of Yellow Tail. Or make jokes about how said glass of wine should also grant me wishes. It’s not even that I’m that worried about spending money, because I will be just as annoyed if someone else buys that glass of wine for me. You know, because it’s “the principle of the thing.”

On the downside, I don’t get invited to dinner at a lot of places that do not have chicken wing specials. On the upside, I rarely pay too much money for things I don’t have to.

One of my biggest cheapskate pet peeves, which I will share with you today, is when I go into a store and see “fashion tape.” You know, the double-sided tape that you’re supposed to use to hide bra straps or attach your clothes to your skin so you don’t accidentally flash anyone? I see it everywhere, so I assume it’s popular. It’s also not that expensive in the grand scheme of things–retailing at $8.99 for 36 strips.

However. I would just like to share with you the fact that it is literally the exact same thing as instant hem tape, which you can get in the sewing notions section of Walgreens or wherever at $3 for five yards.


The only difference is that it does not have cute pink packaging and you have to cut it with scissors. Is this a big deal to you? Probably not, unless you’re a weirdo.

I used instant hem tape for the exact same purpose as “fashion tape” years before that was even a thing. In fact, when it first came out and I worked in a place that sold it, I was like “Oh man, I bet this is the exact same thing as hem tape,” so I checked it out and it definitely was.

Interestingly enough, the company that makes that “Hollywood Fashion Tape” also makes hem tape. Which they sell for $8 for 18 smallish strips. Don’t buy that either! That’s crazy! Why would you do that? Does it grant you wishes?

Personally I wouldn’t use instant hem tape to actually hem something, unless I only wanted it hemmed for one night–which is not a thing that has ever happened in my life, possibly because I have a 36-inch inseam. For a more permanent solution, if you can’t sew, just get the iron-on-kind. Or, you know, just go have it done by a professional because that actually doesn’t cost all that much and will probably be a lot more durable than you trying to figure out how to do it yourself. Or hey! Learn how to sew! There are myriad options here.

I don’t personally use fashion tape/hem tape a heck of a lot, but if you do, I don’t want you to get screwed. So buy this instead.