Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Read Trigger Warning, Make Oatmeal Pie & Bask In Laura Dern’s Cinematic Glow


  • Neil Gaiman’s Trigger Warning, a collection of disturbing short stories that was published last month. One of them is told from the point of view of David Bowie’s ego circa 1976. – Rebecca
  • Also, Luis Alberto Urrea’s Tijuana Book of the Dead, a collection of beautiful poems set in Mexico and East L.A. – Rebecca
  • The inimitable Molly Lambert goes long on the AVN Awards in Las Vegas, and it is a treat to read, savor, and share with friends. – Megan
  •  I’ve been loving flipping through Natural Beauty Alchemy and trying out different natural beauty treatments (some of which I’ll eventually blog about!). – Claire
  • “Cinderella,” because why not, I guess? It’ll be at the theatre near my apartment so it seems like an OK way to use a few hours. – Rebecca
  • My passion for HGTV knows no bounds. After I’ve watched hours and hours of “Property Brothers,” sometimes I need a palate cleanser, a brief home renovation show that scratches the same itch, in less the time. That’s why the soothing Michigander flat vowels and no-nonsense attitude of Nicole Curtis on “Rehab Addicts” does the trick. It’s on Netflix, so you can watch her restore houses and chip away at paint for hours on end, if you want. – Megan
  • I just listened to Laura Dern’s interview with Marc Maron on his WTF podcast and it occurred to me that Laura Dern is basically my favorite actress, but I have barely scraped the surface of her film resume. That ends now. I’m going on a huge Laura Dern-watching binge, starting with “Citizen Ruth,” then “Rambling Rose,” and then David Lynch’s “Wild At Heart,” if I can find it. And, of course, this is the perfect excuse to bingewatch “Enlightened,” the woefully canceled, two-season show that moved me to tears nearly every episode.  – Amelia


  •  Expect Delays from Evans the Death is just out this week, the reviews have been consistently positive, and the Soundcloud sampler sounds super awesome, like grunge and anthem rock and punk rock all together. – Rebecca
  • I’ve been on a ‘90s-era Celine Dion throwback trip all week and you should definitely do the same if you’ll be driving alone at any point this weekend and need some shower belting material. – Claire
  • Tell Me You’re Proud of Me,  the debut comedy album from Chicago comic Jamie Campbell, which debuted at #1 on Amazon. Jamie is hilarious and awesome, plus one time he let me be the assistant for that magician who was on the Desiree Hartsock season of “The Bachelorette” for one episode. So, you know, all the points. –Robyn


  • Yesterday was Pi Day, a stupid thing that I refuse to acknowledge for the most part — [Megan! Pi Day is a wonderful celebration of the power of MATH in the world around us!!! — Amelia, Math Nerd] – but will only do so to recognize the fact that everyone should make this Black Bottom Oatmeal Pie, which looks really quite good. – Megan
  • I plan to avoid going out to bars for Chicago’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration, but eventually I will get dragged out to one, at which point I will probably drink too much and start explaining to people that it’s weird for everyone to be “Irish for the Day.”– Robyn