Jeb Bush Hires Anti-Gay Evangelical Christian As Campaign Advisor

Whoops! Well, there goes the Republican attempt to gain a more moderate and progressive following. They just threw that completely out of the window, if Jeb Bush really is the frontrunner that is.

Bush’s new senior campaign advisor Jordan Sekulow said, “I am excited to begin a conversation with conservatives about Governor Bush’s pro-life, pro-family, tax-cutting record in Florida and the ideas we need to put into action to give every American a chance to rise up.” Sekulow is a member of the group The American Center for Law and Justice; though this group has an innocuous name, they actually work to instill “Christian values” in the workforce, which included, in some cases, attempts to criminalize homosexuality.

Great job, Jeb, you are going to alienate a lot of socially liberal young voters by having this dude next to you! This move goes in direct contrast to what most people thought about Bush, that he was the one gay-friendly Republican candidate actually out there. [Independent UK]