Terry Crews Talks “Gender Purposes,” Male Pride & Feminism

“I’m never talking gender roles. I’m talking gender purposes. And that’s two different things. When my family’s hungry, I cook for my family. When I’m gone, my wife protects my family. We just understand that we as parents have purposes—roles don’t matter. I can be big and strong and use the muscle that I have to hug my kids—that’s what my strength is for. And if another man is threatening my family, my strength lets me handle that. My purpose is, when that noise is happening downstairs, I can go and take care of it. But what I’ve learned from my wife is that she has this touch, and she sees things I don’t see. I have to follow her example a lot of times. She can tell me, you missed this. Because of her, I can see what I didn’t see before.”

My love for Terry Crews knows no bounds. Mind you, I had no idea who Terry Crews was during his years in the NFL, and I don’t watch him on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” but ever since the author of Manhood began speaking out as a proud supporter of feminism, I’ve been all ears. In a new interview with Dame Magazine, Crews has a myriad of simply fantastic things to say about how being married (to wife Rebecca, pictured above) and a parent to four daughters (and one son) led to him exploring feminism, why male pride must be killed in order for men to grow, and how society as a whole suffers when women are marginalized. And I absolutely adore what he says above about how he and his wife don’t think about their familial roles in terms of gender but purpose. Seriously, read the full interview at the link, it’s awesome. [Dame Magazine]