NASA Scientist Claims California Has About One Year Of Water Left

Today in apocalyptic sounding headlines, NASA scientist Jay Famiglietti was published in the Los Angeles Times’ op-ed section saying that California has about one year left of water. This has been caused by a variety of factors that started well before the droughts.

I remember the ’80s and early-’90s as a kid, when the California water problem was spoken about often when Earth Day was trendy. The last 15 years, that kind of chatter has really stopped and most people prefer to just ignore the issue. But now it seems as though ignoring it will actually truly impact the lives of people in real physical ways. Surprise! Ignoring stuff doesn’t make it go away, especially when you keep depleting the Earth of its energy sources!

In short, the reservoirs are rapidly dwindling and the groundwater — the backup to the reservoirs — is now also extremely low. The solution right now is water rationing — which sounds insane for America in 2015, but this is where we are. Luckily the majority of Californians believe this is a serious and real issue, finally, unlike much of the rest of the country and their foolish denial of climate change at the helm of Donald Trump. But it’s depressing that we take action only when things have gotten so bad that we literally have no other choice. The acceleration of a Sustainable Groundwater Act will also slowly fix this issue, but it will need an increased force of thinkers for other solutions as well.

All of you non-Californians may be feeling good that this issue doesn’t directly affect you, but I tend to think this stuff will reach us eventually. It’s important that we start facing and dealing with real tangible environmental issues, so that we all don’t end up realizing Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, eating each other’s rotten flesh to survive. [LA Times]