Rihanna Is The New Face Of Dior!

RihannaNavy, rejoice. WWD and the International Business Times have confirmed that Rihanna is the new face of Dior, ousting Charlize Theron from her tenure as Miss J’adore Dior, and ushering the 69-year old fashion house into the goddamned present. It is insane to me that it has taken 69 years for a fashion house to have a black woman as its representative, but we live in a world where an Italian designer sent models down the runway in sparkly blackface, like, two weeks ago, so them’s the breaks, I guess.

Rihanna will be starring in the latest installment of Dior’s Secret Garden videos, which will feature her running through the halls of Versailles wearing something amazing. Look for the video sometime in the spring, and keep your eyes peeled for whatever fire Rih brings to the House of Dior’s next campaign. [The Fader]