Racist Frat Boys To Sue University For Calling Them Racist

The precious darlings of the newly disbanded University of Oklahoma chapter of SAE are getting more and more precious by the day! What’s on the plate today, you wonder? Well! The little darlings have enlisted high profile attorney Stephen Jones to help them sue the University of Oklahoma, and possibly it’s President, David Boren, for booting them out of the school and making it look like they were racist bigots or something.


Jones told NewsChannel 4 the group is outraged over President Boren shutting down the fraternity house and branding all SAE members as racists and bigots.

Jones says the two students who were expelled because of the incident have apologized sincerely for their remarks, and now the incident is being exploited.

He said they lacked judgment in a social setting, but they should not be tarred and feathered as racists.

Jones, notes Gawker’s Sam Biddle, is perhaps best known for defending Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh–so clearly, he is quite used to being in the company of incredibly charming humans.

I am curious, however–if people who go around chanting “There will never be a n***** SAE / You can hang them from a tree / But they’ll never sign with me/There will never be a n***** SAE!” are not racists or bigots, and it is cruel to paint them as such–what is a racist? What is a bigot? Do those words have meaning? Or is it just something we made up to make people feel “bad” for singing songs about lynching black people, because we hate fun?

I’m just gonna say, that is not the kind of bad judgment one has in a social situation if one is not a racist. I have had bad judgment in lots of social situations. Remarkably, I have never found myself doing a racist chant. Has not occurred. This is not like putting one’s elbows on the table or forgetting to bring a bottle of wine for the hostess or neglecting to write a thank you card. This isn’t even getting drunk and swinging naked from a chandelier. A non-racist person isn’t getting it together to sing a song about lynching black people any more than I’m going to magically start speaking Icelandic.

The University of Oklahoma did not “tar and feather” these boys as racists. They did it themselves, and they certainly don’t have anyone else to blame.