Is Kim Kardashian Stealing This Serbian Pop Star’s Signature Look?

Serbian pop star Jelena Karleusha is tall, leggy, ice blonde and light-heartedly accusing Kim Kardashian of ripping off her signature look.

A deep dive into Instagram proves that there are indeed a lot of similarities. It seems that Karleusha’s been rocking this look for a long time, while Kardashian’s recent foray into an all neutrals, furs and titties look is just part three of her style evolution — which is certainly spurred by Kanye’s well-documented goal to clear her wardrobe of everything spangly and sequined.

Both Karleusa and Kardashian favor all-tight everything, lots of cleavage and the kind of power-bitch footwear that screams high-class European escort. It’s high-fashion and fresh off the runway, spun through a tiny filter of reality. Not every woman is going to leave the house in a Givenchy men’s blazer and a cardigan, without any discernible undergarments, but it’s a look that’s not entirely original, either.

I love this all Givenchy look! Men's shirt and blazer with a skirt & bodysuit and my new favorite boots!

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This is simply how fashion works. People draw inspiration from everywhere, and I’m sure Kardashian’s team of minions are combing through every medium available to them, from teen Tumblrs to the weird pockets of Instagram style stars. That’s normal. That’s what you’re doing when you pin 30 pictures of Alexa Chung in overalls to your “SPRING HAS SPRUNG!!” Pinterest board. We look for things we like, and things we want to be a part of, and just go with it.

Who really knows what went into Kardashian’s decision to change her hair? I’m thinking that her slimy friend Jonathan Cheban was really on one and sidled over to her one night, brandishing an iPhone, whispering, “Blonde is gonna look, like, soooo good on you,” as Kim absentmindedly thumbed through her Twitter mentions on her Blackberry. Maybe Kanye put a piece of paper scrawled with the words “Platinum Blonde” in North’s hand, patted her on the butt and sent her off to Kim, who viewed the message as some sort of prophecy from the mouths of babes. Or, maybe she was just sick of looking like herself. But I sincerely doubt her goal was to look just like Jelena Karleusha.

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