Living At Home In Your Parents’ Basement Is Ruining Their Retirement

If you’re still living at home in your parents’ basement and toddling upstairs every now and then to pluck a fresh snack from the fridge, guess what — you’re most likely ruining your parents’ retirement. NBC News reports that kind parents who are nice enough to let their kids move back home are more worried about saving for retirement and are less likely to set aside money for themselves. Apparently over a third of baby boomers are providing financial support to their children or family members. This means they’re putting their own retirement on hold to continue to support your lazy ass. Is that something you want?

There’s a fine line between helping your adult child and supporting them unconditionally, even when they are fully employed and completely capable of taking care of themselves. Parents are not meant to be unending founts of money put on this earth to help their children buy a Porsche or pay off a bill for a credit card that they never should have opened in the first place. It’s nice when they do these things, but it’s not a requirement. Don’t compromise your parents’ financial happiness and quiet retirement so you can live beyond your means.

Wouldn’t it make you feel like garbage if you knew that living in your parents’ house, rent-free, while you commute to your day job and come home to eat the pasta Mom made was cutting into their retirement funds and their precious free time they earned after raising you and your ungrateful sister? Your parents are great, even if they’re not, because they did the hard work of raising you. The least you can do is let them have their retirement in peace and silence. Let your mother take that painting class she always wanted, and encourage Dad’s twilight-years interest in stamp collecting or recreational drones. It’s fine! This is their precious third act, the things they wanted to do without you, a twenty-something loaf living in the room they had hoped to turn into an office or sex den.

Extenuating circumstances aside, if you’re old enough to have your own job, pay for your own cell phone bill, and handle your shit like a grown woman, then you can certainly pay your own rent. So, do yourself a favor, and try and figure that out. Move out of your parents’ house and let them save the money for the life that they want to lead.