Kanye Wrote A Song About Kim, Because She is “Awesome”


Kanye’s laptop was (maybe)stolen over the weekend, and as a result, we have another new song that might show up on his forthcoming “So Help Me God.” It’s a simpering-sweet Autotuned ode to Kim entitled “Awesome”. It, sadly, is not that awesome — a sappy ode to Kim, saved only by its endearing earnestness.

There’s something kind of sweet to me about Kanye just letting it all hang out, writing the kind of stuff you expect your 8th grade crush to text you. Also, if you remember the “Bound 2″ video, you should be relieved that the tenor of their relationship seems to be less simulated sex against Windows wallpapers and more the gentle musing of someone who really, genuinely loves their partner.

Say what you will about these two, you cannot deny their love. Check it out, above, and when that inevitably gets yanked for copyright issues, listen to it at Vice.