Hillary Clinton Has Devil Horns on the New TIME Magazine Cover

Though I like Hillary Clinton, I am by no means a fervently unflinching Clinton supporter (just ask Frisky’s own Robyn about the arguments we’ve had for a week about why I think the Clinton email fiasco is newsworthy). Still, I can’t get on board with TIME’s latest cover, which has a Hillary silhouette that looks nothing like the former Secretary of State, and adorned above them thanks the the M in TIME, a fancy pair of, well, you can see for yourself.

Time Magazine Hillary Clinton Devil Horns

Not everything is automatically a feminist issue, but letting devil horns on the first major female American presidential candidate in history slip past your art department and editor-in-chief’s watchful eye? Come the fuck on. While I never expected American media to embrace Hillary as their Madonna, I sure as hell didn’t expect them to paint her as the whore this far away from the election. On the bright side, who really gives a shit about TIME magazine anyways?