Facebook Has Removed Its “Feeling Fat” Emoji

  • Facebook has removed its “feeling fat” emoji, hurrah! [The Verge]
  • Doxxing and revenge porn have now been explicitly banned on Twitter. [Gizmodo]
  • Part of the sexism problem in tech is sexism toward female entrepreneurs. [The Atlantic]
  • What do men know about masculinity? This writer went to a masculinities conference to find out. [The Guardian]
  • Activists in the UK went to Downing Street yesterday to give MP George Osborne a petition to abolish the tampon tax in Britain. [Marie Claire]
  • Here’s Uber’s blog post explaining their initiative to employ 1 million women as drivers by 2020. [Uber]
  • NEW HERO: This woman tended bar until the day she died, at 100 years old. [Daily Mail]