Just Look At This Asshole: Gun-Toting Mom Lies To Other Parents About Owning Guns

Last month’s Indianapolis Monthly featured an article titled “My Gun Story: Suburban Mom” featuring essay from an anonymous “suburban mom” and teacher who decided to purchase a gun after the Sandy Hook shootings.

The woman’s sentiments were nothing particularly revelatory, for the most part. She was just another lady who liked guns and wanted to take one with her everywhere. Yawn, whatever. I happen to not like guns, but given how many completely insane  and frothing things I’ve read from people who do like them, this was rather on the mild side.

That is, until she got to the end of her tale:

I don’t tell many people we own guns, which is why I don’t want to be identified here. I’m not sure how that would go over with other moms. I don’t want them to be afraid to let their children be at my house because we have guns—guns, I might add, that are always locked up in our safe. I don’t carry it with me, either; until recently, it was a felony to have a gun on school property, where I work. Now you can have one, but you have to leave it locked in your car, and, well, it’s not going to do me any good locked in my car.

Excuse me? I’m not a parent, but I certainly think that a parent should have the right to know if their child is going to a house where there are guns. That’s their decision, and they ought to have the right to make it. Just because you don’t think they should be afraid of your guns doesn’t mean they don’t have every right to be.

That is their decision to make and not yours, Ms. Anonymous Suburban Mom. I certainly don’t want to hear about how responsible you are when you are not willing to do the responsible thing and let parents make an informed decision as to whether they want their children in your house. Sure, you have a right to have that gun, but I certainly think people should get to decide whether or not they’d like to be around it or if they want their kids around it.

One thing that seems to be lost on gun owners who talk a lot about how “responsible” they are is that, well, the rest of us don’t know you! We have no actual way of knowing whether you are “responsible” or not! Pretty much anyone can say they are a responsible gun owner (probably no one says they are an “irresponsible gun owner”), and more than a few of those people have either purposely or accidentally blown someone’s head off, or left their guns out where their kids could find them, and then they’ve blown someone’s head off.

I find it more than a little annoying that those who get so mad at me for supporting gun control, and so fiercely angry at me for being terrified of guns (Which, sorry, I am allowed to be. I’m also afraid of cottage cheese and that is far less rational than my fear of guns.) are often the same people who are clearly invested in purposely trying to freak me, and people like me, the fuck out when it comes to them. They’re the ones parading around McDonald’s with 20 AK-47’s strapped to their bodies, they’re the ones smugly bragging about how they pulled one over on parents who only want to act in what they believe is their child’s best interests. It’s like an inordinately deadly game of “I’m not poking you!”–and quite frankly, I’m sick of it.

I don’t have to trust anyone with a gun anymore than I have to trust anyone about anything, period. And really, putting shit out there about how you’re lying to people like me about your guns is not exactly winning me over and making me want to trust you.

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