Chris Soules Is The Next “Dancing With The Stars” Contestant You Never Asked For

  • As if last night’s “Bachelor” finale weren’t enough Chris Soules exposure to last you for the next ten years, he’ll be a contestant on “Dancing With The Stars” starting on Monday! He’ll probs look pretty cute “dancing” so I guess it’s okay. [Just Jared]
  • Did Naomi Campbell actually attack Cara Delevigne at Paris Fashion Week over Cara being “disrespectful” Rihanna? That seems too ridiculous to be real, right? [Perez Hilton]
  • You know you want to see Snoop Dogg in the “Empire” season finale. [Entertainment Weekly]
  • Read this amazing interview with Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson and get excited for their inevitable world domination. []
  • Self-proclaimed “recovered ego addict” John Mayer told MSNBC that he thinks Taylor Swift’s choice to keep her music off Spotify is a really cool thing for her to do. NOBODY ASKED FOR YOUR APPROVAL JOHN. [Just Jared]
  • Alexa Tsoulis-Reay, who did those New York Magazine interviews with the girl dating her dad and the guy who loves a horse, among others, did a Reddit AMA. [Reddit]
  • North West wears pearls before bed because of course. [HuffPost]
  • David Hasselhoff will join Ann Coulter in the cast of “Sharknado 3.” [TVLine]

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