Brazilian President Rousseff Has Signed A New Femicide Law

  • Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff has signed a femicide bill into law, which increases the penalties for the murder of women relating to domestic violence. [BBC]
  • Vodafone has implemented a tremendous new maternity leave policy that sets minimums on maternity leave and allows new mothers to work part time. [Washington Post]
  • Women’s rights advocates are unimpressed by the UN Commission on the Status of Women’s tepid declaration for greater involvement of women in politics and society worldwide. [Reuters]
  • Authorities in the Oxfordshire child sexual abuse case wilfully neglected the girls who were victimized, characterizing them as “difficult” and “undeserving.” [The Guardian]
  • Kathy Redmond, a survivor of violence at the hands of a University of Nebraska football player, has been speaking to major-league athletes about violence against women. [New York Times]
  • Depression costs Americans $44 million a year in lost wages. So why does our culture still not treat it as a serious problem? [The Daily Beast]
  • The website Project Vox is trying to change the way we learn about philosophy by highlighting women philosophers. [Feministing]

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