Ben Stiller And Owen Wilson Walk The Valentino Runway To Officially Announce “Zoolander 2″

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson took to the runways of Paris Fashion Week and closed out the Valentino show as Derek Zoolander and Hansel, serving blue steel realness and confirming that yes, there is a sequel of “Zoolander” in the works, which will hit theaters in February 2016.

Doesn’t Anna Wintour look secretly psyched in that picture? Do you think that maybe “Zoolander” is one of the movies she watches behind closed doors, sunglasses off, feet up, while massaging almond oil into her cuticles? Or, maybe that inscrutable look on her face is the same look she makes when someone actually brushes against her whilst wearing synthetic fabrics. We will never know!

Here’s some bonus footage of Stiller stomping the runway. Lookin’ good, girl.