Spring Forward: Daylight Saving Time Reminder

Just a small reminder that it’s Daylight Savings today which you probably already knew because it’s automatic now with smart phones! Either way, here are some tips to help get through your mini-jet lag as I always say, since you are losing an hour sleep.

  • Don’t day drink too much at brunch or your body will have a sugar attack and will make you toss and turn when you finally do go to bed
  • Plan your Monday morning outfit tonight so you don’t have to waste time picking out stuff in the morning, and can spend more time sleeping
  • Drink some decaffeinated tea a couple hours before bedtime (not too close to bedtime or you’ll have to get up to pee a lot right when you fall asleep)
  • Put away your goddamn phone one hour before you plan to fall asleep. Read a real book instead, I swear they are fun.
  • Take a warm shower before bed to relax your muscles
  • Do this amazing breathing thing that has changed my life and helped me fall asleep so much faster than before:
    • Exhale through your mouth.
    • Close your mouth and inhale through your nose for a count of 4.
    • Hold your breath for 7 counts.
    • Exhale for 8 counts.
    • Repeat the sequence up to 3 times as needed

Good luck sleepy heads!