Over A Thousand Women To Throw LA Dance Party For Bullied ‘Dancing Man’

The Internet has been great in 2015 so far. It seems as though we are coming to more of an understanding of how we can really use social media as an incredible way to have fun AND to send a wonderful message. Is this the start of a hippie internet? After the llama chase and The Dress, and now with today’s news of a “Dancing Man,” I have high hopes. Dancing Man, now found out to be named Sean, was ruthlessly mocked online after a video of him dancing was targeted by a bunch of trolls. This only served to spark a firestorm of support for his dancing as well as his physique as a way to end body shaming and bullying.

Up to 1,700 women are slated to show up for a giant dance party in Los Angeles to honor this man who was sought out through Twitter, even though he did not originally have a Twitter account (he does now though: @Dancingmanfound).

Keep up with the ongoing story on Twitter with hashtag #DancingMan. This is going to be good! [KTLA]