Frisky Eats: 10 Effortlessly Dazzling Jell-O Desserts

Just a few weeks ago, Refinery29 confirmed what my grandmother always knew: Jell-O is the shit. I wrote a cookbook compiling my Grandma Vipond’s recipes a few years ago, and in the process of sifting through the recipes, I learned 1) that my grandma definitely had a sweet tooth, and 2) that homemakers in the ’50s and ’60s really, really loved using Jell-O in their desserts. My Aunt Mary revealed to me the reason why Jell-O was so in vogue: In the mid-century midwest, Jell-O desserts were a status symbol because it meant that your family had electricity and a refrigerator. Mysteries of the universe, revealed.

Jell-O is cheap and versatile, which also helps, especially when — like my grandma — you have to make dishes that’ll serve nine people, because you’re Catholic and of course you had seven kids, silly. But in the spirit of my beloved Grandma Vipond, and the apparent new faddishness of Jell-O desserts, here are 10 of the internet’s most beautiful, delicious, and easy-peasy jiggly desserts. Click through!


Shameless plug: If you’d like a copy of the Vipond family cookbook, which is chock-full of good ol’ American casseroles, freezer box desserts, and meat-and-potatoes-type recipes, check it out here!

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