Snuggie Scam Rattles The Infomercial World

As loyal Frisky readers, I am sure that many of you own a Snuggie as well as The Perfect Bacon Bowl, since you love to lie down swaddled in fabric and read this site while eating food out of a bowl also made of food. These two “As Seen On TV” products are marketed to us by the Allstar Marketing Group. But I am saddened to report that they are crooks! The agency was nabbed by the Federal Trade Commission for over-charging customers and using false promotional deals.

The FTC is making AllStar Marketing Group pay $7.5 million to set up a fund for customer refunds. My advice is to still buy these genius products, because made-by-crooks or not, they still are life-improving. But don’t bother to buy them on TB — they sell them at CVS, which is where I drunkenly purchased mine. [Gawker]