BREAKING: You Can Now FaceTime With Your Vagina

This is not a drill.

Whenever I watch “Pride and Prejudice” I think about how boring it must have been to live back then. Granted, they had all those fancy balls and Dr. Darcy was a total fox, but when it came to sucking up all the hours in the day, I just don’t know how they did it. I know there was a lot of book reading, piano playing, and walking in circles for reasons I’ll never be able to understand, but what else? To get to the point, how did people survive before technology? As I type this with one hand and tweet my pondering on my phone with my other while watching TV and burning a DVD all at once, I really just don’t know how they did it. Magic, I suppose.

As a technologically-obsessed culture, every time we turn around there’s something new for us to get our hands on and as a product of my culture and generation, I think that’s (mostly) a great thing. One such tech device that I know is going to revolutionize my whole life is the Svakom Gaga Camera Vibrator. The SGCV may sound a little scary but I assure you it isn’t. No, not at all. Instead, it’s exactly what the world needs and is even greater than its name suggest, because who hasn’t wanted a camera and vibrator all-in-one? Read more on YourTango…