Salvation Army Uses “The Dress” To Send A Message About Domestic Violence Against Women

“The Dress” — I’m still seeing both black and blue and white and gold — is probably the most talked about thing on the internet so far this year, and has thus been spoofed and used in various promotions more times than we can count already. The latest is a PSA from Salvation Army, drawing attention to violence against women.


The full PSA is above and features a woman, with bruises on her face and body, wearing the white and gold version of the dress alongside the following text:

Is it so hard 2 see black & blue? 1 in 6 women are victims. #StopAbuseAgainstWomen

We’re generally kind of conflicted about Salvation Army here at Frisky HQ — the charity does great things for the homeless, but has been no friend to the LGBT community. This PSA is clever and powerful in a way, except I think the messaging is off. It’s not that it’s hard to see how many women are victims of domestic violence — those statistics are readily available — it’s that not enough people give a shit to do anything about it. Still, if this PSA does anything to increase awareness of DV, awesome. Plus, I’m slightly tickled that it has pissed off some men’s right activists, who are angry that the ad doesn’t include men who are victims of violence. That’s a worthy cause too, of course, one deserving of its own PSA, I just can’t imagine any MRAs, who generally like men to behave “like men,” would really want to see a guy in skintight spandex and lace. [Business Insider]