Harrison Ford Crashes Plane; Writer Barely Avoids Heart Attack

Harrison Ford crashed his vintage single-engine WW2 jet into a golf course yesterday and walked away with some non-life-threatening injuries, THANK GOODNESS, because honestly, I could not handle Harrison Ford dying right now. My lovely fiancé had to brace me for the news about it last night because Harrison Ford is my imaginary boyfriend, ergo part of Michael’s and my relationship as much as the two of us. (I’m kidding, but not completely.)

Ford’s son Ben updated from the hospital:

Ugh, that only confirms that Harrison Ford the man is as dreamy as all the characters he’s played. Stop toying with my heart, Ford. By the way, is anyone else getting a vision of Harrison Ford on the runway, his mechanic telling him that it might not be a good idea to fly the plane, and then Ford exclaiming, “Never tell me the odds!”?

This is going to be a sort of creepy, weird anecdote to share in this context, but my dad is a reckless dude as well — when I was a kid, he put a screwdriver through his hand accidentally; when I was 20, he was working on a roof and fell over 20 feet onto concrete, shattering three of his vertebrae (he’s a programmer analyst, by the way, not a contractor, and therefore did not need to be doing this); and just last year, he and his lady partner were riding his motorcycle when he tried to avoid a deer, the deer got back in his way, and he ran into the deer. Thankfully they were both wearing helmets, but he would up with further back and leg injuries. And you know what? He decided to stop. When you’re a man of a certain age, you reach a maximum level of bodily resilience and it’s only downhill from there.

What I’m saying is, Harrison Ford, you took a knee injury last year, and now you’ve gotten injured in a plane crash — the world (read: Rebecca Vipond Brink) needs you. Quit while you’re ahead. Donate any remaining vintage planes to the Smithsonian or something. We love you. (You know.)

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