11-Year-Old’s Christian Grey Costume Is Not A Winner At His School’s World Book Day Event

When little Liam Scholes’ school held a World Book Day celebration yesterday, he had the perfect costume in mind – unfortunately, the rest of the school was not pleased when the 11-year-old arrived dressed as Christian Grey, the whip-wielding “hero” of the Fifty Shades series. The Sale, Manchester student’s grey suit may have been innocuous enough on its own, but he enhanced the outfit by carrying around an eye mask and cable ties, which enraged his teachers.

The school called Liam’s mother, Nicola, and informed her that he wouldn’t be allowed to participate in the day’s celebrations or appear in a group photo of the class. Oddly enough, one of the teachers was dressed as Dexter that day, some students were dressed up as characters that carried toy guns, and several other kids arrived dressed as Elsa from “Frozen,” which is decidedly not a book. No word on whether any of them were given any shit for their attire. Nicola told BBC Radio 5 Live that none of Liam’s classmates were offended and that all the kids in his grade talk about sex. She said she’d never have allowed her other son, an 8-year-old, to dress up in such a costume because he’s too young to understand, but Liam is well aware of “50 Shades of Grey” because it’s all over the TV and internet.

“It has been massively blown out of proportion. It was meant as a laugh and tongue-in-cheek…Liam was advised to dress as James Bond… but [he] was a promiscuous character who kills people…One of the teachers went dressed as Dexter and I don’t see why sex is seen as more offensive than murder.”

Nicola and Liam’s teacher “agreed to disagree” but she’s disappointed that her son was excluded in the day’s events. If the crappy writing in “50 Shades” is the most popular example of literature young kids are seeing and we’ve got “Frozen”-obsessed children who aren’t taught the difference between a book and a cartoon, maybe teaching kids to celebrate reading is just too damn difficult. We may as well just get a jump on accepting their slow descent into TV-addicted zombies.



[Image via Twitter]