Now You Can Have A Glass Of Wine With Your Cat

A brilliant Japanese company is bringing the world’s felines the greatest gift of all: WINE. I can only assume experiencing it for themselves will allow them to finally understand why their humans are so emotional about the stuff. Nyan Nyan Noveau, a bottled wine exclusively for cats that tastes just like the people variety, is made with Cabernet grapes. It lacks alcohol but is infused with catnip, which will probably do the job just as well. Pet company B&H Lifes created the faux feline booze for people who want to celebrate life events like birthdays and holidays with their pets. Considering how many of us dress up our cats for birthdays or make them cakes, I’d say that’s a pretty profitable plan — especially since the beverage sells for just $4. There are few things Americans love more than wine and cats, but combining the two? The stuff dreams are made of. B&H Lifes, bring this glorious creation to the US! [YouBeauty] [Image via Shutterstock]

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