New Favorite Hilarious Video Source: Internet Action Force

Want to laugh your ass off today? Of course you do, it’s Thursday! Head over to the Internet Action Force, where you can while away the rest of your afternoon giggling instead of working. You’ll thank me by 5 o’clock.

IAF was launched just today, so you can be sure that you’ll be the first one sharing it with your friends, and we all know how valuable that sweet, sweet social capital is. It’s being headed by our own former Mind of Man (and Amelia’s bestie, she insists I mention) John DeVore, and if you have any doubts about John DeVore’s taste in humor, I suggest you read his posts about pegging, Kim Kardashian, Whorey Slutosauruses, or anal sex. Now, he and the IAF team are putting that weirdo sense of humor into video form (watch this Mind of Man column about periods transform alchemically into an IAF post of a Funny or Die tampon commercial written by men!), which is proving only to be a good thing. I mean, check out the video above regarding veganism and other special diets. Note the skull on the kitchen shelf, and also: “One of the most important parts of having one of these diets is trying to MacGyver foods together that in no, way, shape, or form should you be allowed to eat!” Factual and hilarious!

Bonus points: Tons of the content is written by, performed by, and/or geared toward women, people of color, and trans people. I can’t tell you how nice it is to watch comedy and not be waiting for the other shoe to dro — “the other shoe” meaning “the fact that this comedy was written, performed by, and geared toward white men who are anxious about being white men.”

Kudos, John DeVore and the IAF team! Now, excuse me while I while away my afternoon on the site, like I said. Just don’t tell Amelia. Shhhhhh. [Whatevs, totally doing the same thing. — Amelia]

[Internet Action Force]

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