Mike Brown’s Family Will File A Civil Suit Against The City Of Ferguson

  • Ferguson shooting victim Mike Brown’s family will be filing a civil suit against the City of Ferguson and Officer Darren Wilson. [NPR]
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  • The process of reporting sexual assault in the military, where it can jeopardize your career and reputation, is inherently unfair. [Mother Jones]
  • Hey-oh, men are more narcissistic than women. Whodathunkit. [TIME]
  • Here’s Richard Dawkins debunking the theory that homosexuality is nature’s protection against overpopulation. It’s just a thing that happens, people, and like heterosexuality, it doesn’t need a reason. [RawStory]
  • Read about several suggestions as to how to make New York’s elite public schools more diverse. [The Atlantic]
  • Why have Christian evangelicals been taking up sex trafficking as their new cause? [Slate]

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